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Having a website gives us credibility with potential customers and helps us to be visible in search engines, don't think about it anymore, if you want to be found, let's develop the face of your brand or company online, making it an easy and accessible experience.

Your business will be in operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and distances will no longer be an obstacle. What are you waiting for to start enjoying the benefits of having your own website?

Email Marketing

Increase cross-selling or promote upselling, reach more people stay top of mind with your customers. Email campaigns are very powerful, it is one of the most profitable channels in marketing online, its conversion is much higher than that of social networks, but it is necessary to have a clear, concise content strategy that adds value.

So, if you are ready to plan your email marketing campaigns, we are the solution for you.

IT Consulting

Don't know where to start? Through IT consulting and custom development, we bring technological trends closer to you, solving your needs and promoting the digital transformation of your company.

We cover aspects of training, technical advice, programming, design, security, migrations and updates.

Frequent questions

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How to get your website?2021-10-30T19:47:10+00:00

Enter your name, email, comment in any of our forms and we will contact you to clarify all your doubts. In the same way, you can write to our email hola@kafeweb.net or write us through Whatsapp +584242342306.

What do we need to make your website?2022-02-05T21:18:45+00:00

Define the requirements of the project, they will determine its scope and with it, all the sections of your web page will be defined, however, all the content must be provided by you.You must provide us with the photographs, texts, and logos if necessary. It is important to emphasize that the sooner we get this information your web page will be available within the previously agreed time.

How long does it take to make your website?2021-10-10T19:05:36+00:00

Fast, very fast developments,without compromising quality and meeting all your requirements. Our methodology is agile but without leaving the formalities aside. After our first contact, the management department will make a survey of requirements to later give you a proposal with the estimated development time and delivery date.

Do I need a domain and web hosting?2021-10-10T18:09:48+00:00

The domain is essentially the name of your website and it is unique in the world, so you must first check that the domain you want is available, If it is, it will generally be purchased for an annual renewal period.

The web host or hosting is the physical establishment where all the content of the WEB is stored. It requires a physical server and is where all the files and databases of your website are stored.

There are multiple cloud hosting options and the most suitable one will depend on your specific requirements/needs. It is generally a service that can be contracted with a monthly recurring payment or annual renewal. 

If you don’t have any of these two elements, we manage it for you, making all the necessary configurations. The configuration is included in our base plan, however, the payment of the domain and hosting is borne by the client.

WordPress: Content Management System, what is it?2021-10-10T19:06:28+00:00

It is the leading content manager (CMS) on the market, more than seventy-five million web pages use WordPress, which corresponds to 64.2% of all websites created with a CMS. With this tool you can make incredible web pages, blogs, online stores, among others. In addition, it is easy to maintain for those customers who do not have great technical knowledge.

What does it mean that the website is self-managing?2021-10-10T19:06:34+00:00

Not so many years ago, the process of creating a relatively simple website could be quite complex and laborious. Essential utilities, such as modifying existing content, searching for and locating pages and, in general, managing both pages and images and resources on the server, required custom tools or developments, which increased the cost and complexity of the website.

If a content manager (CMS) is used as a development base, it allows you to manage all the content of your web page, that is, change any text, image, or video in a comfortable way and without having to deal with the code.

What does it mean that the website is responsive?2021-10-10T19:06:46+00:00

A responsive website is simply one that is capable of adapting the information displayed to the user's screen, whether it is on a smartphone, a tablet or a computer.

What is an informative/corporate website?2021-10-10T19:06:53+00:00

An informational/corporate website is the company's digital business card and is a collection of several individual pages with the main purpose of providing information.

The company showcases its services, its team and offers networking opportunities. These websites may also contain dynamic elements, for example a news area or a blog, the content of which is regularly updated. 

What is a landing page?2021-10-10T19:07:01+00:00

It is a page where you want to highlight something in particular, whether it is a product or something new, the CTA (Calls to action) and the contact form stand out. All design elements and content are oriented towards a specific objective.

The great advantage offered by landing pages is the ability to direct the user to a site where they can see the relevant and necessary information to complete the purchase of a product or service. In general, they are not accessed from the website, but their url is shared through social networks, newsletters and paid advertisements.

What is a onepage?2021-10-10T19:07:57+00:00

It is a page design where all the relevant information about your business is displayed on a single page arranged in a linear fashion, preventing the user from having to go from one section to another. In this way, as you scroll you will find the different sections such as history, services, portfolio, contact data, among others.

What is an e-commerce?2021-10-10T19:08:05+00:00

It is a website that covers the entire sales cycle of a product. It allows us to publish a catalog of complete products and/or services on the Internet , add them to a shopping cart and purchase them through various forms of payment.

Don't think twice and open the only store that can be open 24 hours a day for your customers.

Do you also develop custom web pages?2021-10-10T19:08:13+00:00

Yes, we can make a web page completely tailored to your needs, we only need you to enter your data in our form and we will contact you so you can tell us about your requirements and thus be able to make a proposal based on your needs.

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Modern solutions

Developments tailored to each need, we make it easy and simple. Open the doors of your business online!

Whether you're just starting out or an established brand, we'll help you grow your business.

Products or services

Sell and connect with an innovative website. We will expose the full potential of your business on the WEB
Get everything you need to manage your own WEB page, we develop under the powerful WordPress content management systeem (CMS), the #1 of its kind.

Promote your business

Make your ideas come true!
We will make them stand out, under an innovative and professional approach

You are capable of great things.
We help you with creative ideas to stand out and achieve success. Tell your story and connect with your potential customers with impact and you will gain the loyalty of your customers

Design and development of web pages

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Luis Expósito

His entrepreneurial vision and leadership capacity will add value to your project.

Karla Rodríguez

Her management knowledge will achieve the successful implementation of your website.

Design and implementation of self-managed website



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  • Web hosting configuration
  • Base theme
  • Responsive design
  • Base information
  • Contact info + Whatsapp icon
  • Slider images
  • Social icons

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